December 19, 2019

What makes Yeefu a really good influencer merchandising platform?

by Merle van Wieringen

As many of you may know, Yeefu is an influencer merchandising platform. Our platform is to inspire and help others inspire through good, purposeful merchandise. We work with amazing artists and together we create merch that shares positivity. We know that there are a lot of other online merchandise platforms these days, but what makes Yeefu different from all of these? Keep reading and find out! 
We have the experience of 10 years in apparel manufacturing that now allows us to kickstart our baby, Yeefu; a platform that harnesses the power of influence through meaningful merchandise.

To start with, there is one thing that gives us an edge over the other platforms, and that is the fact that we can produce and create campaigns whenever we want! We can decide for ourselves when we want to refresh our store and we don’t have to ask for permission to anyone. Unlike the traditional ecommerce retailers, who are tied down by stock. Our campaign concept allows us to produce on a pre-order basis as it is cost effective and eliminate dead stocks after the campaign period ends. We will always ensure we produce the perfect amount of merch with the right appurtenant sizes.

As I was saying, we are very aware about the fact that there are a lot of other platforms who offer similar products, but what differentiates us from them? Well, it’s quite simple actually: our designs are unique! Our platforms offers designing services to help artists and influencers bring their creative ideas to life. Created, compounded and designed by our in-house design experts together with the artist and Yeefu as the sole selling platform. Who doesn’t like unique products? A recent study stated customers care more about the creativity and the design, than the quality of the product. 42% of the customers voted for quality as the most important thing, while 45% of the customers believed design and creativity is. Pretty crazy right?

With the amount of available retailers, we can’t blame you and other customers to search for the perfect platform with the best prices and special offers. But it appears that nowadays more people are looking for a platform which they can identify with, instead of instantly looking for the best deal. And that’s why Yeefu offers you both. Our website and our social media platforms such as Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook are created and used as a support for our artists and influencers to reach a wider audience than they already have. We use high-res professionally taken images to ensure the product images are showcase as real, high quality and stylish as possible. We try to add as little text as needed because we don’t want customers to lose attention from the merchandise itself. A little goes a long way right? But of course, we try to offer our customers the special offers they are looking for as well! For every campaign created by Yeefu, our marketing team will provide a basic promotional strategy guide for our artists and influencers to use as a call-to-action and grasp buyers attention. The strategies include free shipping, buy 1 get 1 half off and 10% discount code as examples. How great is that?

Last but not least, our platform also provides fulfilment such as exclusive packaging, door-to-door delivery and 24/7 customer support. It really is a full service, pretty cool right? We want to ensure everyone is satisfied therefore making sure buyers are fully satisfied is as significant as handling our personalities’ campaigns. Our full service includes 24/7 customer support to ensure our customers receive the merchandise on time. Should there be any issues, we are easily contactable via our social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.