April 11, 2019

Getting to know Yeefu

by Peet Klaassen

Getting to know Yeefu
Before we dive into the exciting world of influencer apparel, we reckon that you first get to know the company, Yeefu, a little better.

The Beginning
In the spring of 2019 Yeefu was created with the mission to help others to inspire. Yeefu wants to help others inspire by providing a full-service merchandise platform for people with a big influence. Also, we are keen on giving back to the community. This is why most collaborations are raising either money or awareness for charities.  
Selling Merchandise is difficult.  

The service we provides solves it all. We have an in-house designer who is an expert in designing t-shirts, because designing t-shirts is a trade of its own. With almost a decade of experience, producing high quality products is a piece of cake for us. All of this merchandise is being sold on the e-commerce website of Yeefu. This takes away all the hurdles of creating and managing an e-store. Besides the e-store, we handle all the customer support needed. After the products are sold online we manage the inventory and makes sure every customer gets their order in time.

Giving back to the community
We stand for meaningful merchandise. This means that every launch or collaboration has to have a meaning. We have partnered up with multiple charities already to give back to the community. For an example click here.