November 18, 2019

Do you run a large Facebook Group?

by Peet Klaassen

There are over a billion people who belong to Facebook groups.
 All these people are centered around different topics but got one thing in common. They are all interested in the groups where they discuss issues or activities, share photos and share related content.

And it may sound cynical, but if there’s one universal truth of online marketing, it’s that – where there’s a highly engaged audience, there’s potential for revenue. In simple terms, if you’re in charge of a large, active Facebook group or run a Facebook page with a large and active following – you’re potentially sitting on a goldmine. 

But you have to be careful! You don't want to flood your group with irritating sales post and irrelevant posts just to make money. If you want to sell to your audience it has to fit their profile.

And here is where merchandise comes in.
We live in an era of self-expression. We all love to express ourselves via the shirts we wear and the objects we use. Slogans and mantras we use to make our self smile.

By combining the topic of your Facebook group with our great products, you can monetize your audience in a way that add real value. If you are ready to serve your Facebook group with good quality merchandise click here.