November 07, 2019

StarNgage inks MOU with Yeefu by SaltyCustoms

Article originally published on StarNgage


Kuala Lumpur, June 2019 – StarNgage by Hashmeta has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Southeast Asia’s newest apparel branding platform, YEEFU by SaltyCustoms. Leveraging on more than half a million active personalities on Instagram, this agreement will see StarNgage Influencer Marketplace partner with YEEFU to jointly design and distribute meaningful merchandise to youths worldwide.

“We’ve seen YEEFU bring a youthful edge to the apparel space. At a time where “woke” and “sustainability” are often said in the same breath, what really sets YEEFU apart from the pack is their commitment to inspire change with their choice of partners and personalities,” said Terrence Ngu, Chief Community Officer of StarNgage.

Creators on YEEFU can rally their fans to crowdfund merchandising projects, and when a minimum pre-order quantity is met, Yeefu will see through the design, inventory, manufacturing process and last mile delivery, with the earnings channelled back to the creators.

Earlier this month, YEEFU launched a merch campaign with Firdaus Hashim, who goes by @MasterRamen on Instagram and is often hailed as Malaysia’s founder of eSports. The t-shirts are available on YEEFU’s online store and parts of the proceeds will then go to support OrphanCare, a charity organisation in Malaysia.

“As the world changes and moves into the digital age, brands have more opportunities for fan engagement and conversation. Here at YEEFU, we exist to spread positivity and inspiration to the next generation. We’re excited to kickstart this partnership, so be sure to stay tuned for updates,” said King Quah, Co-Founder of YEEFU. Their first line of merchandise will be announced on and released for sale on in August later this year.

According to Statista, the global market for licensed merchandise is expected to hit USD48.8 billion by 2024. Prior to their official launch, YEEFU already enjoyed sizeable traction with a successful campaign involving Malaysian YouTubers. The collaboration generated more than 24,000 unique visitors to the campaign page and a whopping RM250,000 in revenue in less than a month.