Why Saying Thank You to Your Customers Is Important & 5 Creative Ways to Do It

Psychological research shows that people underestimate how much joy a simple thank you will bring to a person.

How to style a T-shirt in different ways

We've compiled different ways to style your favorite t-shirt in a quick and convenient way to prepare for anything a day can offer.

Instagram vs Facebook: Which platform is better for promoting my merchandise? (Part II)

In our last post we talked about how Instagram algorithms work. Now let’s jump into how Facebook does it!

Instagram vs Facebook: Which platform is better for promoting my merchandise? (Part I)

Social media is one of the most important things that we as humans are concerned with, in 2020.

Saltycustoms 10 Years Celebration!

To celebrate our anniversary, we planned a big celebration on Friday April 3. The party was themed 'Great Gatsby' and everyone was obliged to come in costume.

Virtual fundraising ideas to keep you engaged with your fans (PART lI)

We are fortunate to live in a time where technology gives us the ability to adapt and continue our mission in this way.

Virtual fundraising ideas to keep you engaged with your fans (PART l)

We have listed a number of ways to raise funds. All this without leaving the house.

DIY - Face Masks for coronavirus (PART ll)

Staying inside may not be easy, so we are happy to provide you with an effective, fun and certainly useful activity to do at home: designing your own face mask.

DIY - Face Masks for coronavirus (PART l)

This blog focuses on the importance of wearing face masks. Read here how you can design your own face mask to ensure that you always have one with you.

T-shirt trends for 2020

We have listed the most popular and best t-shirt design trends of 2020 for you, so that you know exactly what is hot and trendy.

Tips to make your home working days productive (PART ll)

Part ll of useful tips for working from home because of the corona virus.

Tips to make your home working days productive (PART l)

Do you need to work from home because of COVID-19? This blog provides you with useful tips to ensure that your homework days are as productive as possible!

How to start a T-shirt fundraiser

You would like to make a fundraiser but you are not sure where to start. Yeefu has the perfect answer for you: designing and making t-shirts.

The Colour Matching Guide for Your Merchandise

We are happy to offer you a very useful guide to ensure that you choose the right colors for your merchandise apparel.

Marketing your merchandise with a low budget

This blog shows you the inexpensive ways (and even free tools) to boost your marketing.

Why a Valentine’s Day related campaign is a winner

You probably don’t think about Valentine’s Day yet, but time goes faster than you think!

Reasons why influencers make their own merchandise

If all creators are so busy with making nice media content and sharing videos, why are they creating their own merchandise as well? Well, this is why.

How to make beautiful campaign pictures for your merchandise

This blog will provide you some useful tips to get your campaign started and socialmedia-ready!

What makes Yeefu a really good influencer merchandising platform?

We know that there are a lot of other online merchandise platforms these days, but what makes Yeefu different from all of these? Keep reading and find out!

Behind The Scenes: shooting the Gift of Giving campaign

The Gift of Giving is a campaign designed and created by YEEFU. Click here and get a small impression of our shoot!