By Joel Antony

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Why this campaign?

J8 Autism Fitness’s campaign aims to raise funds for a non-profit organization whilst at the same time raising awareness about Autism.

"The time has come for Malaysians to be aware, be informed and be involved. This is our #TIMETOBE !"

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder present in 1 of every 6 children herein Malaysia. Every year, approximately 9,000 children in Malaysia are born with Autism. The alarming issue is that despite many neurodiverse individuals being present in our country, not much is made aware to the public about what Autism is. The vast majority of Malaysians are in the dark when it comes to neurodevelopmental disorders. Individuals with Autism are too often written off as disabled based on things that they cannot do. However, working with children with autism for the past 2 years, I have come to understand not only the hardship but the joys that come with it. And I am continuously marveled by their capabilities.

Therefore, this Christmas J8 Autism Fitness has teamed up with YEEFU to initiate this campaign. The profits from this campaign will be channeled to a non-profit organization known as Gem and Bread. Located in SS21, Damansara Utama, Gem & Bread aims to equip special needs youths with practical living and social skills like personal care, home management, health management, job training and artistic education. However, they were badly affected by the recent pandemic and are being forced to relocate due to their financial situation. Hence, why we at J8 are looking to lighten their load. With help from the very talented artist, Kirtanraw Subramaniam, we have designed a T-shirt, which we will be selling during this campaign. This shirt represents the talents present within neurodiverse individuals on the spectrum and broadcasts their capabilities.

So as we enter this Christmas period, a season of giving, we are calling for the support of the Malaysian people. Join us as we mobilize this movement to support Gem and Bread, their cause and to embrace the world of Autism. The time has come for Malaysians to be aware of the struggles of our community, be informed about the world of neurodivergent individuals and to be involved as to how we, with whatever little we have can make a difference. This is our #TIMETOBE!