By Ipi Zainal

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"Everyone says that they have this Loyalty, but it doesn't count if you didn't get this Tee"

As I am going for a go with the word Loyauté, a language from french translates as loyalty. It makes me think as many people outside the world, handling this situation, Loyal to each other, Love or relationship in link with these words not taking it as a reason for the word. 

As I’m doing this campaign, to bring out to the world will remind us not to use the word lightly but to support it with your actions when you give to your partner, friends, and family for their relationship. As the word bringing through the Tees, and any of my products, Humans will see it and will remember what’s the meaning of it after then they find out the through meaning of Loyauté. That means Loyalty.

Ipi Zainal