By Erica

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" The more that we choose not to talk about domestic violence, the more we shy away from the issue, the more we lose."

Women are more than just cartoon characters. We are the creators of life, homemakers, doctors, professors, daughters, mothers and wife. We do so much more than just hanging laundry, we are the ones to nurture and raise the next generation of leaders. However, even though we live in the 20th century, women are still being stereotyped and expected to cook, clean, care and remain calm. What we do not see are the rising cases of domestic abuse and yet we are still being blamed to be the cause of it when it happened.

Let's stand together as a nation for the women of Malaysia! Proceeds from the sales will be donated to aiding domestic violence/abuse victims.

Our organization of choice is the Women's Aid Organisation. They started in 1982 setting up Malaysia's first domestic violence shelter. And today, they are the largest service provider for domestic violence survivors in Malaysia.