November 08, 2019

Yeefu collaborates with Luqman Podolski to raise awareness for cyber-bullying.

by Peet Klaassen

Some of us laugh it off, others will just suffer in silence. Cyber bullying is becoming a norm among the generation of today. Together with Luqman Podolski , Yeefu has dropped this range of merchandise in conjunction with World Mental Health Day and Luqman's recent hit single, SORANG!

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20% of the young Malay people skip school because of cyber-bullying.
According to a new poll by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the United Nations (UN) Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) on Violence against Children in 30 countries, one in five young people were reported to have skipped school due to cyber-bullying and violence. 

According to the UNICEF poll 3 in 10 young Malaysians are victims of online bullying. This affects their education and social life, with the majority experiencing it through private messaging applications. 

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We are taking this opportunity to raise awareness of mental health issues and oppose the stigma that surrounds it. 
Everywhere, everyday people are being bullied online for just being themselves.

We are taking a stand and telling you to be yourself, you are stronger if you believe in yourself. Don’t bow down to people, they don’t control your life, you do. Let’s stop cyber-bullying; you are not alone!

Luqman Podolski

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For those who are experiencing online bullying, contact CyberSecurity Malaysia, Cyber999 via email to or SMS to 15888 using the following format: CYBER999 REPORT or the toll-free line at 1-300-88-2999.